Best survey sites to earn extra pocket money (2020)

Dear Readers,Hope you all are in good health. This year has been tough for everyone with this pandemic around that has affected the entire world. Most people are working from home this year to avoid the spreading of COVID-19. Some people lost their jobs, some have not got their pay raise this year and some are getting less salaries. Many businesses are running in losses and some have shut down completely. Overall, it is really a tough situation for everyone. As I always do, I have researched for new sites/apps that actually pay and I have been able to find out some more survey sites & apps that are pretty good and can help you earn some extra money. Hope you find this post useful!!I am listing down a few apps and sites below that have helped me earn some extra money this year consistently.   1. Attapoll - Attapoll is an app where you get paid to take surveys. They usually send you surveys that match your profile. You get notification whenever there is a survey waiting for you. So t…

Apps that pay you to share your opinions

Dear Readers,

Hope you all are in good health! 

Lately, I have been researching on more legitimate work from home options and have come across a few apps that pay you to share your opinions. I have listed the apps below and a link to download the apps. 

Streetbees pays you for sharing your insights about products and services you use every day. You just need to pick up one of the tasks that appear on your Streetbees app, answer questions and get paid in PayPal cash.

Tasks are something like you take a photo of products/brands that you use everyday and then answer a few questions based on it.

Click here to join Streetbees 

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Premise connects people to drive better outcomes by creating global impact through local action.

Take action and earn money while helping your community. Please note that although downloading the app is possible everywhere, it only functions in a select number of cities.

The mode of payment is different for different countr…

How To Get Your Tasks Done Efficiently!

Do you have tasks that need to be completed but you tend to miss doing them? Do you procrastinate on doing certain tasks either because you are busy or you simply forget about them? Do you make resolutions every year and not follow them? 

Then, I have some tricks which may help you achieve many of your targets!

Step 1 - Create a list - Make a list of things that you want to be completed (a To-Do list). It could be anything from going for a jog, taking your dog for a walk, calling someone important, updating your resume, applying for a passport, paying your insurance, paying your taxes, making an appointment, etc. etc. ... 

You can either note them in a diary or else you have a lot of apps in the Play Store like Microsoft and Google to create a To-do list.

Step 2 - Prioritize - You will need to prioritize the most important ones, the important ones and the less important ones. Either you can number them 1, 2 and 3, with number 1 being the top priority tasks.

Step 3 - Set a target - Now, set…

Update to my post - Best survey sites to earn some extra money

Dear Readers,

Hope you all are doing well! Wanted to update you all on a survey site that I have added to my post -Best survey sites to earn some extra money

The website name is Treasure Trooper. Treasure Trooper is a unique GPT website where members can earn rewards for shopping, completing offers, taking surveys, completing tasks, and referring friends. These are all done on a somewhat “gamified” platform, complete with cartoon-like and comic-style images of jungles, treasure maps, dragons, and more. They pay you $1 just for joining. There are 8 daily surveys available to take, and they are worth up to $1.00 each per completion. There are other cash offers, surveys, videos and much more. 

Join Treasure Troopers here.

Hope you all find this information useful. Do share this post with your friends too who are looking to earn some extra money.

Global Remote Jobs

Dear Readers,

Hope you are doing great! I have been researching lately about more companies that offer work from home jobs and I have found some really good opportunities.

These are a variety of jobs like Search Engine Evaluator, Tech Support, Virtual Assistant, etc. Most of these companies pay about $8-10 an hour. You have the flexibility of working from home at your convenience. I have listed out a few companies that offer these jobs.

WorldWide101 - At WorldWide101, you’ll play the rewarding role of Support Specialist by supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners with a wide range of tasks, helping them to succeed, and freeing them up to focus on growing their business. You have the flexibility of working virtually.

Click here to join Worldwide101.

Anywhere Expert - At Anywhere Expert, you can earn money helping people with their tech from the comfort of your phone. Help people with their everyday tech problems from anywhere, all via chat on our mobile or web app. Earn money f…

UnzeenU - Your next favorite social media platform

Dear Readers!
If I ask, why do you use social media platforms and apps?
You would say: To kill your time.To share your opinions.To see things which are of your interest.To make new friends and to connect to new random nice people.
Today I am going to discuss about UnzeenU- a social media platform and app that has everything you want while using social media plus something extra.

How it is better than all other social media?
UnzeenU is an innovative new communications tool to connect with friends, family and the general public.
Using their revolutionary new platform, you can create an account that enables you to leave messages for people in your local area and around the world using state-of-the-art message tagging technology.
UnzeenU makes connecting with the people around you simple. Using this new kind of communications platform, you can send messages to any UnzeenU user without knowing your contact’s  phone number, name or personal details.
Simply compose your message and leave it with …

Online Transcription Jobs

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Hope you all enjoyed reading my previous guest post by Olga Pchelova, a swimming expert and instructor. She motivated us to be healthy and fit by sharing information on swimming and fitness.

Today, I will share information on Work from Home Transcription Jobs. In a transcription job, you need to listen to a recording and need to type the contents into a document. This will be a written record of the audio or video that you have transcribed.

There are many companies that offer online transcription jobs. In this post, I will share information about the best sites that offer transcription jobs.

GoTranscript- GoTranscript is a professional transcription company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have a team of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. They pay up to $0.60 per audio or video minute. 
All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can wo…