Monday, 22 January 2018

Online Tutoring Jobs

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My previous post was about work from home options which did not need any specific skill set. But, in the next few posts you will see some global work from home options which will require specific skill sets.

Are you good in teaching and have basic degree in teaching? Then, this is the right job for you. Teaching is an art. And yes, you can be an online tutor. I have listed a few sites where you can tutor students online on various subjects based on your expertise. Some of these sites require teaching certification while some need basic bachelor's degree and knowledge of the subject. 

Udemy - You can teach any course online at Udemy. You need to take videos of the course that you are teaching and upload them to the site. Any student that is interested in your course will purchase it on the site. You'll earn money every time a student purchases your course.

 VIPKid - VIPKid is another platform where you can teach English to Chinese students. You need to be a native English speaker and need to have some teaching experience. They pay really well to those who qualify as a tutor. 

Chegg Tutors - Chegg tutors has flexible tutoring opportunities. You can select the subjects you are good at and they will direct students who need help in those subjects to you. They have all levels of students. Tutors are paid $20/hour weekly via paypal. - is another established site for tutoring students in subjects like English, Mathematics, science and social studies. The tutors can be anyone from teachers, professors, adjuncts, PhD students and industry professionals, who are passionate about their areas of expertise and eager to help students. Their students range from kindergarten through college to adult learners. Tutors can tutor remotely whenever they are available.

I will be adding more such jobs in future. You can see jobs requiring different skill set and expertise in my future posts. So, stay tuned to my blog and don't forget to subscribe to by blog for regular updates.

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