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Best Survey Sites to earn some extra money

Dear Readers, Welcome back to yet another post on work from home options! Lately, I have been working on providing information about the best work from home options for you. I am trying to include all fields of work, so that, everyone could benefit and will have an option to work from home based on his skill set or expertise. Today, I will be sharing information on earning some extra money in your spare time by taking surveys. I would like to introduce a few survey sites that are very good and legit. These sites offer surveys, tasks, offers and much more and you get paid for doing these. Here's a list of Top Survey sites: Swagbucks - is the web's most popular rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers l

Work and make money as a Freelance Photographer

Dear Readers, Hope everyone's busy with their work and career growth.  In my previous posts, I have shared information on work from home jobs, online tutoring jobs, website testing jobs, online courses, etc.  Today, I will share information about sites where you can earn money through freelance photography. You will need to click high quality photos and upload them to these sites. When a brand, design agency or just anyone who finds your work outstanding purchases a picture from your online portfolio.  Below are a few good sites that pays you for every photo that gets sold on their sites. Shutterstock - Shutterstock is a global marketplace for artists and creators to sell royalty-free images, footage, vectors and illustrations. Shutterstock is always looking for new content to add to their collection. Contributing images to Shutterstock is free and you will retain the copyright to your work. Click here to join Shutterstock. Alamy - Whether it’s your full-time

Boost your career - Learn online courses from world's top Universities and Institutions

Dear Readers, Hope you all are having a good time with Valentine's Day around the corner!  My previous post was about Freelance jobs . Hopefully, it has helped some of you to choose the right work from home job.  Today, I will be sharing details about sites that offer online courses for free. I had mentioned about Alison in one of my previous posts. After doing further research, I have found a few more good websites that offer free online courses. These courses are designed by top Universities from around the world and they will help you boost your career. Udemy - Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 65,000 courses taught by expert instructors. Udemy has free as well as paid courses.  Click here to join Udemy . Alison  - I am mentioning about Alison in this post again for those who missed my previous post on Alison. Al

Work from Home Freelance Jobs

Dear Readers, Hope you all are doing awesome!  I was down the last two days as I got a root canal done. It was horrifying initially, but I am feeling better now. So thought it is the right time to write my next post :) Thank you for all your support and likes towards my previous post ' Success Story of a Work at Home Mom '. The story was a great hit as it got nice comments, shares and likes from my readers. I will try to cover a few more success stories in future.  Today, I will share some sites where you can get paid for freelancing your skill set. It could be any skills like accounting, digital marketing, writing, designing, videos and animation, social media marketing, translation, transcription, photography, virtual assistant or any other skill set that you would possess. You can put forth your skills and you can set a rate for the work that you can do. The customers who will require your service at the price that you have quoted will contact you through the site

Success story of a Work at Home Mom

They say, motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest too! Perfectly true! Being a mother is sacrificing a lot of things in life and learning to live and adjust just for your child. In the journey of trying to be a perfect mother, most of us set aside our thriving careers, our goals and passions only to become a full-time stay at home mom. Today, I would like to share the success story of a stay at home mother, Shilpa Venkat, who is now a Professional Photographer and a proud owner of The Click Studio, where moments are captured through her camera. Shilpa was always passionate about travelling and photography. Photography became her hobby-turned-profession. Struggling between her baby and her passion, she finally learnt to balance both and became a Professional Freelance Photographer. Shilpa Venkat’s story straight from her to my readers. Shilpa Venkat, Founder & Owner of The Click Studio “Pregnancy and baby had literally put a big halt in my journey of b