Wednesday, 30 May 2018

UnzeenU - Your next favorite social media platform

Dear Readers!

If I ask, why do you use social media platforms and apps?

You would say:
  • To kill your time.
  • To share your opinions.
  • To see things which are of your interest.
  • To make new friends and to connect to new random nice people.

Today I am going to discuss about UnzeenU- a social media platform and app that has everything you want while using social media plus something extra.

How it is better than all other social media?

UnzeenU is an innovative new communications tool to connect with friends, family and the general public.

Using their revolutionary new platform, you can create an account that enables you to leave messages for people in your local area and around the world using state-of-the-art message tagging technology.

UnzeenU makes connecting with the people around you simple. Using this new kind of communications platform, you can send messages to any UnzeenU user without knowing your contact’s  phone number, name or personal details.

Simply compose your message and leave it with the UnzeenU system using one of their message tagging systems. Leave a message tagged to a specific location, send it directly to your contact using their vehicle registration, a magic word or leave messages for entire groups of people at a specific event.

Verified UnzeenU accounts can leave messages tagged to:

  • A 'Magic Word'
  • Locations
  • Phone number
  • Timestamps
  • Event 
  • Addresses
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Name 
  • Symbols

You can also advertise any of your products, services or businesses to the world on UnzeenU's community page.


  1. I tried unzeenu. Really great ,

    1. Thank you for your positive words. UnzeenU is indeed an innovative platform to connect with people.

  2. Hi! It's my first time to know about UnzeenU.. But it sounds interesting. By the way, I couldn't see the share button here to share this blog post. Have a nice day!

    1. Hi...Thank you for reading my post. The share buttons are right below the post.

  3. Unzeenu is free for everyone who register before 31/12/2018

  4. Woah! Another addition! This means another platform for promotions too. I just took help of a good facebook ads management and I believe that it is important to advertise and promote a business online in order to make more money and get more traffic to the website.

    1. Yes. That's so true. For any promotion, social media platforms play a very important role. And, having another platform is like 'topping on a cake!' :)

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  10. Hi Kavi,
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