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How To Get Your Tasks Done Efficiently!

Do you have tasks that need to be completed but you tend to miss doing them? Do you procrastinate on doing certain tasks either because you are busy or you simply forget about them?  Do you make resolutions every year and not follow them?  Then, I have some tricks which may help you achieve many of your targets! Step 1 - Create a list - Make a list of things that you want to be completed (a To-Do list). It could be anything from going for a jog, taking your dog for a walk, calling someone important, updating your resume, applying for a passport, paying your insurance, paying your taxes, making an appointment, etc. etc. ...  You can either note them in a diary or else you have a lot of apps in the Play Store like Microsoft and Google to create a To-do list. Step 2 - Prioritize - You will need to prioritize the most important ones, the important ones and the less important ones. Either you can number them 1, 2 and 3, with number 1 being the top priority tasks.