Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Best survey sites to earn extra pocket money (2020)


Dear Readers,

Hope you all are in good health. This year has been tough for everyone with this pandemic around that has affected the entire world. Most people are working from home this year to avoid the spreading of COVID-19. Some people lost their jobs, some have not got their pay raise this year and some are getting less salaries. Many businesses are running in losses and some have shut down completely. Overall, it is really a tough situation for everyone. As I always do, I have researched for new sites/apps that actually pay and I have been able to find out some more survey sites & apps that are pretty good and can help you earn some extra money. Hope you find this post useful!!

I am listing down a few apps and sites below that have helped me earn some extra money this year consistently. 


 1. Attapoll - Attapoll is an app where you get paid to take surveys. They usually send you surveys that match your profile. You get notification whenever there is a survey waiting for you. So the chances of disqualification is less. They have app for both Android and iPhone.  By and far this is a good app to keep on your phone.

 The minimum cashout is $3 to PayPal. 

 Link to install the app - Click here



2. InstaGC - InstaGC is another very popular survey site which has been around for many years now. You can earn instant gift cards or PayPal money doing micro tasks, surveys, watching videos, taking polls and installing apps. This is one of my favourite sites. They have gift cards from most of the brands which is again a great reason why I love this site. 

The minimum cashout is $1 to PayPal and $5 to Gift Cards.

Link to sign up - Click here

3. PrizeRebel - Prizerebel is another GPT site and one of the oldest sites. They have a variety of offers to complete and have many surveys that you may qualify for. You have the option to withdraw Paypal money or choose from a variety of Gift Cards. They also run some contests where you have a chance to win Gift cards or PayPal cash. So, keep an eye on the contests tab. 

The minimum cash is $5 to Paypal or $2 to Gift cards of your choice. 

Link to sign up to Prizerebel - Click here

4. PaidViewPoint -
Would you like to get paid for market research surveys that never screen you out?

At PaidViewpoint, you will never be screened out, once you've been invited to a survey. They pay you well for every Business survey. They also pay your for profile surveys/which are called as trait surveys. They also have an android app at Google Play Store. You can first sign up on their site and then install their app at Play store.

You can withdraw to your Paypal at $15.

Link to sign up - Click here

5. Cointiply - Cointiply is an app where you get paid to take surveys, complete offers, click on ads (PTC), play games and more. Their app is very easy to navigate and pretty good. But the only payout method they have is Bitcoins. So, if you are into Bitcoins, this is the app for you. 

Link to join Cointiply - click here.

I will be adding more sites as and when I get new ones. These are the best ones for now and you can also refer to my previous posts for more work from home jobs. 

Hope you found this post useful and hope that this extra money will help you during this pandemic!! Do let me know in the comments section and also share this post in your network so that it can reach maximum people who are looking to earn extra income.

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